Rogers Place LRT

I cannot describe the excitement I felt in reading the recent article published in the Avenue Magazine August, 2017/Tim Querengesser.  Tim by virtue of his extraordinary investigative research to include the necessity of using “access to information”, has done that which the entire journalistic community in Edmonton has been afraid or not willing to do. While the entire fleet of post media seems to collude with the Katz team, Avenue Magazine has taken in my opinion,  enormous risk to uncover and present you with a few more of the facts surrounding the 2 billion dollar taxpayer funded Katz Arena Fiasco. I will leave with you this article by Tim Querengesser and published in the August Avenue Magazine. (PDF article) This in hopes that you will read through the article. If this information does not inspire in you the want to know what has gone on with your two billion dollars, I cannot help you. If however it does,  it is time to demand a complete audit and maybe criminal investigation into the entire Katz Arena project. This with Mandel, McKeen, Iveson and the entire elected council held to account.

(Download the PDF Article)

As I related in august of 2015 to all council members, I believe this has little to do with firing a City Manager or any other City Employee.

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Like the “no traffic study “statement made by Don Iveson,

Iveson said when council approved the line originally they didn’t know a traffic assessment hadn’t been completed and their choice might have been different.

 “Everyone of us on council was furious to discover that last fall. If there had been an assessment we might have seen there were going to be issues,” he said. 

I would argue, if you as an elected official didn’t have the basic common intelligence to questions how we would travel across 7 major arterial roadways with a train, I am sorry but I just don’t think you’re the person to be making decisions regarding anything in this billion dollar taxpayer funded operation.