Press Release

Press Release July 23, 2017

Robert (Bob) Ligertwood declares his candidacy for mayor in the City of Edmonton election for 2017.

Well it was pretty much that time to buy a Harley and complete my Morocco to South Africa journey. At that same time of reflection however I found myself realizing that there were many too many concerns that remain regarding the state of the City of Edmonton in 2017

So, “here I am”.

I enter this campaign as always in total respect of the privilege of residing in this country and within the community of its Indigenous People.  “Nanaskomin”

My name is robert (bob) ligertwood. I am an Edmontonian. I am the first generation son of a newcomer to Canada and the Grandson of displaced people from eastern Europe. I was originally a  resident of the Town of Jasper Place and further the City of Edmonton.

I have run for mayor a number of times, the first in 1992.

 I said in 1992 and I repeat in 2017. “speculation is not managed growth”

to follow are a few of the concerns I have regarding the state of the City of Edmonton in 2017 and thus will be speaking to;

I’m going to talk about some two bit developer picking up some poor soul from the drag in Edmonton Alberta, putting him in an unsecured trench and burying him alive. This to build some “cheap shit” skinny house.

  • I’m going to talk a lot about “Old People”
  • I’m going to talk a lot about developers, planners, planning and building
  • I’m going to talk about the environment
  • I’m going to talk a lot about competence and the LRT
  • I’m going to talk about bicycle paths in the City of Edmonton
  • I’m going to talk about “single fathers”
  • I’m going to talk about “odious events”

Regarding the newly erected suicide barrier on the High Level Bridge:

Coun. Ben Henderson said simply reaching out to the cycling community and other interested persons might have avoided the issue.

This from  “bicycle guy” Coun. Ben Henderson

Regarding the newly erected suicide barrier on the High Level Bridge

“I didn’t even consider that we were going to reduce the width of the shared-use path. That didn’t come up and it didn’t come up in my mind. So that is on me. I failed in that regard.”
this from Scott McKeen

Who’s sometimes “gobsmaked”

Imagine one of the most arrogant, mean bullies that ever reported during an election in Edmonton becoming an elected councilor, and seemingly thinking he’s in a “Willy Wonkas Chocolate Factory” movie.

regarding the Edmonton Metro Line

Iveson said when council approved the line originally they didn’t know a traffic assessment hadn’t been completed and their choice might have been different.

 “Everyone of us on council was furious to discover that last fall. If there had been an assessment we might have seen there were going to be issues,” he said. 

and no one asked??

“this from the Mayor” and the council members who will be deciding our LRT future.


scott mckeen june 25, 2017

would suggest  that it might be a good idea to guide homeowners effected by infill on how to protect themselves against the effects of infill.

Isn’t it the City of Edmonton’s responsibility to protect its citizens?

“or is it that Scott McKeen has yet again found himself “gobsmaked” at the prospect of something being wrong in “Wonka Land”


Scott Mckeen May 29, 2017

” Suffering mental illness is not a crime, nor should such a thing ever be treated that way.”

When asked to support the removal of the name Emily Murphy, a staunch advocate for eugenics and the sterilization of the feeble minded from an Edmonton Family Park,  Scott McKeen’s response was this

“You know that no public servant can win by weighing in on this one. 

Is that why you ask?”

Scott McKeen  March 21, 2016


Scott McKeen October 11, 2017

commenting on the council vote to approve the downtown bicycle lanes to which there has never been a wide public consultation.

“Most of us aren’t good at looking at rendering and knowing how that’s going to feel in the “REAL WORLD”,”

Scott McKeen apparently deciding for you what you can and cannot understand?  This, or is Scott Mckeen simply “gobsmaked” once again  at the prospect of “THINKING”?

Reminiscent of the 90’s  Airport Debate.


Don Iveson may 6, 2017

commenting on the roles of municipalities in climate change

“(they, “city governments”) are inextricably linked both to mitigation and to adaptation initiatives”

Has there has ever been a study undertaken by the City of Edmonton, or the Province of Alberta for that matter to measure the environmental effect of drive throughs in Edmonton? As far as I have found in both  the City of Edmonton and the Province of Alberta,  the answer is no.  This not to mention the Occupational Health effects on the workers within these same facilities. Further the environmental effects of traffic congestion linked specifically to the new series of bicycle lanes in the downtown area of Edmonton.