I was surely not surprised to see the decision of the Alberta Court regarding the immediate suspension of an individual’s drivers license in an impaired driving event. I do agree with the court’s decision. This in that we must be always be vigilant in the care of our basic rights. This sometimes regardless of a “however justified”  emotional response. All of our rights must be protected within the framework of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms. We as citizens should expect nothing less from the Courts.  At that same time however, it is our absolute responsibility to challenge the wisdom of the court shouldRead More →


Video by YEGNation Well it was pretty much that time to buy a Harley and complete my Morocco to South Africa journey. At that same time of reflection however I found myself realizing that there were many too many concerns that remain regarding the state of the City of Edmonton in 2017 So, “here I am”. I enter this campaign as always in total respect of the privilege of residing in this country and within the community of its Indigenous People.  “Nanaskomin” My name is robert (Bob) Ligertwood.  I am an Edmontonian.  I am the first generation son of a newcomer to Canada and theRead More →