The Liberal government of Sir Wilfrid Laurier was susceptible to racist public opinion. What’s more, Minister of the Interior Frank Oliver was also Member of Parliament for Edmonton. In April 1911, his constituents (in the Edmonton Board of Trade) wrote to Ottawa of “the serious menace to the future welfare of a large portion of western Canada, by reason of the alarming influx of Negro settlers.”Read More →

Included in an article “Battles won, war far from over” november 16, 2016 in the Edmonton Metro, Laurie Blakeman’s reference to “50 year old white guys” remains and should be viewed as nothing less that hateful, sexist and racist by every definition. For a person of this stature to publicly express these views, and perhaps more importantly not be charged with inciting hate is simply confounding. These hateful comments, again by a person of this stature should leave the over 300,000 men in this country who are custodial single parents fearful for their futures. This not to mention the amazing rural and urban fathers whoRead More →

Even in the United States recently there seems to be at least marginal support for the removal of statues and other insignia that would seem to support the confederate south and its hateful policies towards others. A place where, as enacted by White women, Eugenics would be used in an attempt to insure that the “white race would not be diminished by virtue of a white person procreating with a non white person”. Don Iveson seems in the most peculiar way interested in addressing reconciliation with indigenous people, hate and further supporting people that suffer from mental health conditions. Considering that, It just seems aRead More →