Included in an article “Battles won, war far from over” november 16, 2016 in the Edmonton Metro, Laurie Blakeman’s reference to “50 year old white guys” remains and should be viewed as nothing less that hateful, sexist and racist by every definition. For a person of this stature to publicly express these views, and perhaps more importantly not be charged with inciting hate is simply confounding. These hateful comments, again by a person of this stature should leave the over 300,000 men in this country who are custodial single parents fearful for their futures. This not to mention the amazing rural and urban fathers who always have been and remain active participants in their families lives.  

Her comment is to follow

She (Laurie Blakemen) remembers many years ago talking in the legislature about childcare and the need to fund it. “I just looked across this sea of 50 year old white guys mostly from a rural background and I couldn’t figure out why I couldn’t get to them.” she said.

“And I went home and thought about it and went “Duh” these guys had never had anything to do with childcare.”

I responded to this article with the following to Edmonton City Council and Edmonton Police Chief Rod Knecht.

Letter to Rod Knecht re Blakeman


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