Bicycles and Bicycle Lanes

Bicycles and Bicycle Lanes

Downtown Bicycle lanes as proposed in 1992/95

The proposal was made was to have access into and out of downtown by virtue of decommissioned rail lines and thus right of ways.  This to follow in part what was proposed as LRT Expansion at that same time.

While we lost the possibility of LRT expansion since then, the Bicycle aspect of the proposal exists today its entirety.

The idea was to include access via north and south, east to west of the office district routes with one (at that time) thru road to adjoin the system north to south. In 2017 we could easily manage two north to south pedestrian/ bicycle only thoroughfares to include 108 street.

The east west access route is 99 ave west from 104 street to 114 street. North to 100 ave and west again along the current victoria park walkway to the 121 street corridor north. Today, west again on 102 ave off 121 street to connect with the newly established 102 ave bikeway to 142 street. Continuing north on the 121st street corridor.
105 ave can still proceed from the current LRT bicycle trail at the Stadium Station west to meet the 99 ave trail at 121 street and 105 ave and again, north and south using the 121st street corridor.

Now had we proceeded with this idea in 1992/95 we would of had LRT along with bicycle trails to St Albert Probably within a couple of years all via decommissioned rail lines.

Both 108 street and 104 street would be pedestrian/bicycle only from 104 ave to 100 ave on 104 street and 104 ave to 99 ave on 108 street. Otherwise all bicycle pedestrian trails would be one lane, one way only vehicle traffic. All other areas of the same right of ways would be committed to pedestrians and cyclists. Using this model would decrease parking minimally and alleviate both pedestrians and cyclists traveling in close proximity to congested traffic. The effects on vehicle traffic and parking in and out of the downtown core would be negligible.

It would be a simple effort to provide secure sheltered bicycle parking locations throughout the trail system for the park and walk aspect of the Trail. This considering that the trail is providing excellent central access to both office and government districts. This at the same time encouraging people coming in to downtown to do a little walking and thus community building.

That there was no bicycle trail designed in to the Arena LRT line to NAIT is simply confounding.   Another remarkable failure in planning at the hands of this administration.  Further and especially at the hands of a Council  made up of many avid cyclists.